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Our Cookie Policy

We only use "session" cookies, which allow you to navigate our site more easily. For example, these mean that you do not have to log in afresh at every page. These cookies expire (disappear) when the browser session is closed. These cookies DO NOT track your usage of our or other websites and CANNOT be used by other websites to influence adverts displayed to you.

What is a Cookie? Cookies are small chunks of data used by a website, which are sometimes placed on your computer. They are used by almost all websites. Their main use is to keep a record of your login status as you move from page to page within a website (usually called session cookies). Sometimes - but not on this site - they are used to provide information on sites visited, pages visited and searches made (usually called tracking cookies)

You can refuse to accept all or some cookies by modifying settings within your browser. However, if you block the session cookies you may be unable to access certain parts of our site.